Asiafrica Art & Talents

There are amazing artists and talents all around in Africa and Asia, whether in music and dance, painting, literature, design, sculpture movie etc.

Unfortunately very few of them are known and exposed to the world. 

AsiAfricArt and Talent is established as a cultural project and platform of AsiAfrica Foundation (Charity Registration no Kor Thor 1858) to promote their work and creation.

Artists and Talents under this project have accepted to donate part of the proceeds from their works and creation to support Asiafrica foundation.

Bringing the best of Asia and Africa to the world, is a wonderful dream and exciting project.

For any person, organization or entity interested in AsiAfricart and Talent project and opportunities, or interested in the creations and artists affiliated to our foundation please contact us by:


Phone: 06 2117 1009


our art and artists:



A contemporary Egyptian artist whose work has been exhibited in several countries including Egypt, Italy, the US and Germany.

His works on “The Role of Mutation” plunge us into a world full of mystery and vivid imagination, with ink drawing and watercolor.



explanation about the work and artist