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ASIAFRICA Foundation (ASAFO) is the World's first foundation with a vision to bridge development & cooperation between Asia & Africa. It started in 2006 as an Asia-Africa Initiative hosted by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand with a joint cooperation from the United Nations (ESCAP - Bangkok) for higher education in science and technology.  

Amongst other things that inspired the foundation include the third Asia Africa Forum (AAFIII) in Malaysia - May 2000, when a UNDP official stated that there was a need to create an Asia-Africa Foundation. A non-profit, non-governmental and neutral organization to play a key role in raising funds, promoting activities and facilitating cooperation between Asia and Africa.

The initiative was later reinforced by the declaration from African and Asian heads of the states gathering in 2005 Indonesia to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the path-breaking first Bandung conference.  The declaration was:  “To this end, we hereby declare, as an expression of our new political will, the establishment of a New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP) as a framework to build a bridge between Asia and Africa covering three broad areas of partnership, namely political solidarity, economic cooperation, and socio-cultural relations.” 

In 2009, the AsiAfrica Foundation was born.  Until today the foundation continues to support initiatives for participation in sustainable development and promoting accountability.

AsiAfrica Foundation is a nonprofit registered in Thailand.  Registration no Kor Thor 1858


Mission & Vision


Bridging the best of Asia & Africa


As an impartial facilitator for change, ASIAFRICA Foundation is committed to promote greater accountability in cooperation and business relations between Asia and Africa as a powerful instrument for stakeholders engagement, empowerment and effective delivery of development projects.  This work will be achieved through collaboration with partners in the implementation of the following programs:

  • Raising awareness & disseminating information

  • Building the capacity for organizations

  • Engaging stakeholders

ASIAFRICA Foundation to increase pledges from Asia rich countries to fund accountability programmes in with focus on making significant improvement in sectors such as the education & skills development, extractive resources, environment & nature, infrastructure development as well as in public health. 


  • To create a one stop for those seeking to enhance accountability on projects between Asia & Africa

  • To provide an excellent platform for collective sharing and build capacity for organizations collaborating on projects between Asia & Africa

  • To allow stakeholders much greater comparability and hence understanding of their accountability thus strengthening their legitimacy

  • To help step up mutual trust between stakeholders based on complementary, fairness and guided by accountability standards that suits the needs of stakeholders on both continents

What is accountability?

Accountability can be defined as the obligation of power-holders to account for or take responsibility for their actions. Power-holders refers to those who hold political, financial or other forms of power and include officials in government, private corporations, international financial institutions and civil society organizations. 

The concept of accountability underlines both the right and the corresponding responsibility of citizens to expect and ensure that power-holders act in the best interests of the people.  The obligation of power-holders to be accountable to citizens derives from notions of citizens’ rights, often enshrined in constitutions, and the broader set of human rights.   Accountability is as much about changing mentalities, building relationships, and developing capacities as it is about technical tools.


Eager to maintain the growth that has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, Asia’s booming economies are courting cash-poor but resource-rich African countries with billions of dollars worth of investments, trade deals and development aid.  In today’s dynamic and integrating world the role and importance of accountability in countries development assumes a greater significance than before.



Dr. Roland Amoussou-Guenou | President and Co-Founder

Dr. Roland Amoussou-Guenou | President and Co-Founder

President and Co-Founder

Dr. Roland Amoussou-Guenou

A French lawyer originating from The Republic of Benin working as a lecturer at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand.  Dr Amoussou-Guenou is also consultant in areas of intellectual property, innovation and construction law. He obtained his Doctoral Degree at the University of Paris II Pantheon Assas in 1991 and worked as Lawyer and Arbitrator in France before moving to Italy. He served the French Government as regional expert for legal cooperation in the ASEAN based in Thailand.  His experience in Asia, particulalry at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) inspired him to initiate the Asiafrica Foundation.


Frederic Favre |Treasurer and Co-Founder

Frederic Favre |Treasurer and Co-Founder

Treasurer and Co-Founder

Frederic Favre

Mananging partner in a law firm 'VOVAN'. Mr. Favre is a graduate of the School of Law, University of Lyon III (LL.B 1982; LL.M 1983), the ISG Business School (M.B.A. 1989) and of the European Community Executive Training Program in Tokyo (1992).  Mr. Favre is the author of and contributor to many academic, commercial articles, and conference presentations about Japan, Thailand the GMS and Asean. After 4 years as executive Board and vice-president of the Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce he became President and now Vice-President of the CCE Thailand Chapter. He is the co-founder of Asiafrica Foundation and the Vice-President of the Franco-Thai Solidarity Committee. Mr Favre is also a member of the ICC Arbitration Commission.


Laxami Waraprasat | Secretary and Co-Founder

Laxami Waraprasat | Secretary and Co-Founder

Secretary and Co-Founder

Laxami Waraprasat

A Partner in a law firm with more than 20 years experience in all aspects of corporate and business counselling in Thailand.  Laxami's various experiences include attorney services with prominent law firms, in-house counselling for a large real estate development company, advising clients on corporate matters.  Laxami received her LL.B. from the law school of Thammasat University and obtained her lawyer's license in 1981, her Patent License in 1987 and her Notarial Services Attorney License in 2003.



Allen Cao |Entrepreneur

Allen Cao |Entrepreneur

former banker & Entrepreneur

Allen Cao

Allen is a corporate banker experienced with commercial and transactional financing in Africa and China. He is a partner of a consulting firm that advises on corporate banking, trade financing, business development, feasibility studies and relationship management. The firm specializes in advising on African projects associated with the Belt and Road Initiative.

Allen also assists Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private entities with business development, strategic planning and project financing in Africa and the UAE. He is a director of the China Africa Business Chamber and an adviser of the Annual Investment Meeting of Dubai.




Thomas Begley

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Lauren Kim

Graduated from Le Cordon Bleu


Amarin Khoman | Honorary Consul of Benin

Amarin Khoman | Honorary Consul of Benin

Honorary Consul of Benin to thailand

Amarin Khoman

Graduate from Thammasat University in Bangkok. Masters Degree in International Relations from the American University in Washington D.C. He specializes in International Maritime Management at the Norwegian Shipping Academy in Oslo. He is currently the president of Thai Star Shipping Co.,Ltd. Also a honorary consul of The Republic of Benin to Thailand.