Sport & Martial Arts

Asian countries are famous for their martial arts, fighting sports and other other disciplines designed to attain ultimate development of body and spirit. It is assumed that there is a correlation between the Asian martial arts culture and their development miracle.  

In addition, countries like China, Japan and Korea use their most popular traditional martial arts as instruments of influence around the world. Kung Fu, Judo, Karate and Taekwondo were used respectively by Japan and Korea after the Second World War to build prestige and influence abroad which opened the way for exports and cooperation especially in developing countries. 

It’s not a surprise that Judo, Ju Jitsu and Tae Kwondo have been adopted by the ICO to become Olympic Games and become popular everywhere. Emerging Tigers and new donors in Asia have a tremendous opportunity to follow the same and build influence in potential export markets by using their national martial arts.

Particularly in Thailand, Muay Thai has already drawn many foreigners to Thai culture and it has the potential to further promote Thailand’s image in Africa. Muay Thai can be the best ambassador of Thailand in Africa because Africa youth and public at large love fighting sports. 

Muay Thai can also help bridge the best of Thailand and African and lay the ground for Thai influence and export. Muay is new in Africa and has a great potential on the continent. 

Asiafrica foundation aims at assisting the Sport Authority of Thailand in promoting Muay Thai in Africa. Streamlining sport cooperation and building awareness and trust with friendship between Africa and Thailand will have beneficial results and impacts between Asia and Africa.