Scholarships & Grants

Many Asian Governments have initiated a South-South cooperation policy by granting scholarships to African students to study in Asia. These scholarships are significant elements for "Bridging the best of Asia and Africa". They are usually administered by Ministries of Foreign Affairs or special cooperation agencies like the Thai International Cooperation Agency (TICA) in Thailand. Unfortunately such education funding opportunities are not well publicised. When they are, only nationals of English-speaking countries in Africa benefit, while French-speaking, Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries are left behind.

Asiafrica foundation commits to identify available scholarships, fellowships and internship opportunities offered to African students, publicise them and facilitate access to these offers. Opportunities for young African students to study in Asia and opportunities for Asians students to have an experience in Africa shall be fairly promoted. 

Asiafrica Foundation has initiated with the Asian institute of technology (AIT) a successful program that led to the grant of many scholarships of the World Bank to Ethiopian PhD students.  

Asiafrica foundation also signed an agreement with various universities to offer internship to students seeking short term experience in Asia or in Africa. The partnership with University d'Auvergne is one of the most successful.

We encourage Governments and donors offering education grants opportunities to use Asiafrica foundation's platform to better promote their offers and we invite African and Asian students to take more advantage of these opportunities.