Trade Facilitation & Risks Management In Doing Business

The potential for trade and investment between Africa and Asia is enormous but hardly explored. Some of the reasons why the huge opportunities of doing business between the two Continents are not fully exploited are the risks of various nature that create fear, aversion and hold back many high potential projects.  

While some of the risks may be the result of misconception and stereotyping, some other risks are real and must be identified and addressed effectively. These risks include lack of trade and investment protection agreements, weak fiscal and monetary policies, high inflation, volatile currencies, high taxes, potential nationalization issues, skills shortages, power issues, difficult communication, corporate governance inadequate infrastructure, red tape and corruption.

With the expansion of telecommunication and the use in Intern new risks such as business frauds known as advance-fee, 419 or bank transfers scams have emerged and targeting Asian exporters. That is why realizing business and investment opportunities between Asia and Africa require insight, understanding of local practices and connection.

AsiAfrica Foundation is committed and equipped to addressed such risks effectively and our intervention has already helped Asian exporters identify such export risks in Africa  and saved million of USD on fake contracts awarded by bogus international organizations and exporters in Africa. 
AsiAfrica Foundation is the key trade facilitation and risk management partner needed to meet the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Africa and Asia.