AsiAfrica Foundation: Bridging the best of Asia & Africa

In 2000 in Malaysia, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) made an important statement: "It is necessary to create an Asia-Africa Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental and neutral organization that will play a Key role in fund-raising, promotion of activities and facilitation Asia-Africa cooperation". This statement would inspire and guide the founders of ASAFO.

ASAFO is the acronym for AsiAfrica Foundation, an entity created in 2009 in Bangkok thanks to the work and commitment of its founders: Dr. Roland Amoussou-Guenou (President), Mr. Frederic Favre (Treasurer) and Mrs. Laxami Waraprasat (Secretary). This organization responds to the current challenge and opportunities for the African and Asian continents.

Indeed, Africa can be inspired by the development of Asia and benefit from the experience and technical assistance to follow the same development path. On the other hand, The Asian continent has significant interested in African markets, and also needs raw material supply to support its sustained growth.

The aim of the foundation is to promote exchanges between Asia and Africa. The leading purpose of the foundation was to look at how education in science and Technology can provide breakthrough for development. Education is also an opportunities for study and work experience for African students in Asian countries.

In addition to the main educational objective, the foundation seeks to promote African culture in Asia and Asian culture in Africa by setting up cultural events such as the "Back to the Roots" held in Bangkok in 2015 or The "Back in Beijing" which took place in 2016 in Beijing with the support African embassies and communities in Asia.

ASAFO has signed MoU with various universities for internship program in Asia. It has also created a professional training program to enable the CEOs, Directors and Managers from African companies, organizations and Government agencies to travel to Thailand for training courses.

Since its inception, ASAFO has received an encouraging welcome from development partners, such as the United Nations and the Asian Development Bank. The foundation is also recognized and supported by African and Asian embassies.

The legal status of foundation allows ASAFO to be recognized as Charity and full Non-Government organization with the privilege to raise fund to pursue its objectives. ASAFO is working on various projects including a practical guide for those wishing to set up a business in an Asian or African country (South Korea, Thailand, Benin, South Africa).

The recent breakthrough in Korea brings a lot of hope for successful fundraising and projects in this country.

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Yveline-Andrée KOFFI (Le Havre University, France)

Intern at AsiAfrica Foundation

Supervisor Dr Roland AMOUSSOU

Co-Founder & President of AsiAfrica foundation

Joseph BazambanzaComment