Golden Silk Road

Our Golden Silk Road project was initiated by Amy Waraluk, a new members board of Asiafrica Foundation.

Having a large relationship with the village of Buriram, Amy could not help but notice the unexploited potential of this village.

 Thus, on her return to Bangkok, she presented us the silk of Buriram an d he advantage of that silk for heatlh, skin and hair. She also explained the benefits to the economy that the production and trade of this product could bring to the region and its population.

A few days later, the president of Asiafrica went to the site to learn more about the production, the populat


Buriram silk:

Buriram is located in the north east of Thailand. The geographical location of Buriram allows it to have a rich land.

Indeed the village is surrounded by extinct volcano, which allows it to grow mulberry trees. It is from these trees that the Bombyx worm, also known as a silk glass, feeds.

It is thanks to this that the caterpillar weaves its cocoon which makes it possible to produce silk.

Buriram is one of the only areas on which mulberry grow in Thailand. It is therefore one of the rare producing villages of Silk in the country.

We can say that: it’s an Authentic Thai silk.

The production of Buriram silk is handmade from the beginning to the end of production.

The villagers do not use any chemicals. The mode of production of this evening passed from generation to generation. Production is done in accordance with the life cycle of the caterpillar.

The Project:

First of all, we wish to develop a silk line with the village of Buriram led by Mrs Vassana Khanthavutthikul director of the community who has the distinction of being both a teacher of traditional Thai dance, drama and a silk researcher. She has a research center and a vast plantation of mulberry.

In addition, our work will be to help the community in the promotion and visibility of their activities and products derived from silk to industry, and processing activity in need of this type of silk.

The other aspect is to establish a partnership or twinning between the village of Buriram and the African community to train them in the craft of silk and its derivatives.

Which includes: providing 3 to 6 month internships to African communities in Buriram to learn about silk production.

Lastly, the GOLDEN SILK ROAD wants to set up an ecotourism in Buriram to discover the wonders of silk and its derivatives. The community already has the necessary infrastructure to accommodate tourists passionate about silk.

The Aim:

The main objective of this project is to create an ETHICAL and SUSTAINABLE  BUSINESS around silk and the village of Buriram.

An ethical Business which benefits both the development of the village of Buriram and its inhabitants and that of the relations between Asia and Africa.

The benefits of this project will be shared between Buriram and Asiafrica to enable us to continue our mission:


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