Capacity building

Developing capacity in accountability is an enormous undertaking, but one, which is vital if relationships between Asia and Africa are to produce sustainable development for all. ASIAFRICA is strongly committed to this task, and is devoting a substantial share of its own human resources. 

Assistance is targeted to support Asian organisations undertaking businesses or cooperation projects in African countries.  Particular emphasis is placed on providing technical assistance for capacity building, recognizing that capacity limitations—rather than lack of political will—often impede implementation of accountable systems.

Capacity building activities are coordinated in collaboration with professionals agencies and consultants in relevant disciplines.  While needs vary from projectto project, certain areas of capacity need urgent attention in many poor countries, and merit special mention:

  • Principles of accountability and social accountability
  • Common problems and possible solutions
  • International Labor Conventions and Standards
  • Labor Standards Elements: Child Labor, Forced Labor, Health & Safety, Freedom of Association, Discrimination, Disciplinary Practices, Working Hours, Remuneration and Management Systems
  • Expanded compliance knowledge of industry sector and local issues
  • Methods for managing risk across a whole supply chain
  • Good governance including sound policies, transparency, anti-corruption
  • Reducing poverty requires strong government financial management skills, multi-year expenditure programs, and effective expenditure monitoring
  • Effective collaboration for sound environmental management policies
  • Introduction to links between poverty reduction and country development




Teaching of participants from Sri Lanka. Topics: importance of human resource management for projects and organisations, corporate Governance (comparative study between Thailand and Sri Lanka), project management, contract management

Training program on "Effective Negotiation and Dispute Resolution" for the oil, gas and coal industry in Manila